Book-a-Thon Gear for Your Teacher Toolbox

Red pens, notebooks and stickers are all important items in your toolbox, but do you have anything in there for your next book-a-thon? You don’t need much, but these items will make the book-a-thon successful for you and your students.

Tracking Tools: Whether you're using excel or Whooo’s Reading, you need a way to track your students' progress. Seeing how many books they read versus their classmates will not only help you assess your students' reading levels, but breed friendly competition.

More Books: You may be surprised at how quickly your students get through their books and move on to new ones. Plan regular trips to the library, if you don't already, or organize a book swap at the beginning of the book-a-thon for your students to exchange their favorite reads.

Prizes: Invest in a few small prizes that will serve as motivation for your students to read as much as possible. Keep movie tickets, gift cards and medals in your teacher toolbox year round so you’re always prepared to reward top readers in your class.

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